I Got Braces!


I have already done so much this year and we are less than a month in! I know how cliché this will sound and I know that everyone says this at the start of the year along with getting fit… but I think that this year will be the year of change. Because I am now 14!!! I think that I will change from being seen as a kid, at least I want to. So thats why I cut my hair. I also gave all my old toys to charity shops and I kept only my most precious. At the end of last year I got a new dressing table and got rid off my other desks.

As I lost my last baby teeth last autumn I had began my treatment at my orthodontist. I have a large overbite which basically means that my jaws don’t line up. But to make things more complicated my top jaw is to small to fit on my bottom. My dentist has found the perfect new treatment which he has only used on 7 patients. It is called “MARA”. It is basically 2 silver “lids” or “hats” that fit around my back teeth and a silver wire which goes from both pieces around the back of my teeth. On the top it is basically the same except there isn’t a wire but there is a different piece.

I’m not gonna post many pictures here of my braces but if you are interested just google it.




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