My Goals for 2016

Hey everyone!

It’s been a while! I didn’t post a blog on Monday because I posted one on New Years and I know this one is late but I was just getting back into the school schedule and my early morning routine. But I have done a few things that I want to talk about them so they will be up over the next week and I may post a few extra’s to make up for this week.

But today, Friday 8th January 2016, I was ill. So I didn’t go into school. I got dressed and ate my breakfast ect. gt in the car drove to the end of our road and was like, “Yo. Dad. I don’t think I can go in”.

So today I spent the day in bed. My lovely cat Charcoal has been here looking after me and my tea has helped me through. But this afternoon/evening I have been re-doing my blog. So I hope you like it! I have the new banner which you can see at the top, I think this will only be temporary but I really like it for now at least.

I also have chosen my new years resolutions. There not things I want to stop or start but accomplish. These are more my what I want to do this year than resolutions. I think all of these are achievable. I have also put somethings that were on my bucket list on here as I want to do at least 3 things of there this year. I’m going to be posting my current bucket list soon!

  1. Eat Healthier
  2. Tone up
  3. Ignore anything negative in real life or online
  4. Find my fit bit (its in my house somewhere…)
  5. Keep a log of what I do every day in my diary.
  6. Learn more about photography
  7. Have a tour around Buckingham Palace
  8. Post more often on here 🙂
  9. Learn how to play chess
  10. Make the most of it because ya know! #YOLO

I hope you guys have a great year and comment below your new year resolutions or thing you want to do this year below!!

Love ya

H xxx


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