Brent Cross Sales Haul

Welcome back! It feels like so long since I last posted a blog as I have forgotten what it was like before Blogmas!

Today I spent the day with Erin and the family. We all went to watch a film called “The Lady in the Van”, which was very good! Full of comedy, sadness and adventure. Would definitely recommend it to anyone over the age of 12.

Afterwards we went and ate at WAGAMAMA’S! Erin had never been before. She had the chicken katsu curry!

My sister, Erin and I, then ventured to Brent Cross. So here is what I got:

Firstly we went into Victoria Secret Pink but the queue was out the door. We went back later to no queue at all so brought stuff then. I got the 5 for £20 in pink and a few other bits and bobs from the sale rack!

I got a new rimmel wake me up foundation and concealer in the shade light porcelain. I also got a new stay matte powder as my other one shattered just before Christmas. And also from boots I got a new mascara.

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I also got a pair of shorts in size small which was probably a  bit to big but I  brought them intending on using them as pyjamas. I got them from H&M. Also from there I got this “Cant Touch This” sweater. It has zips going up at the bottom either side. It is also slightly short. Its not cropped but it isn’t a baggy jumper. I also got a sweater which I though twas a hoodie but I actually like it with out the hood, saying wake up and be happy, because I need to do that more often. Just wake up and smile at the beautiful world I am living on. I got that from new look

Thats all I got when I went shopping as I didn’t want to spend all my christmas money at once as I may see something I really want later in the year!

Happy New Year to All!!!


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