New iPhone, Kindness and Fairy Castle- Blogmas Day 22

Today our Christmas food came! We order most things online to avoid the chaos of Christmas shoppers. It is so much more efficient as you can check what you have or need as you go along. You can also adjust it so it comes fit for when you need it. Ours came at 9:30 this morning and was the first thing I did. Helping carry all the many orange bags through to our tiny kitchen. There were bags trailed right through the hall way!

I had branflakes for breakfast. In my playmobil advent calendar I got a basket with toy animals in. Like toys for playbill children, so cute! I have loved this calendar and will be posting a review of it most likely after christmas as thats when it ends.

I went to panto today. The show was good and there were lots of children in. There was a guy sitting right at the edge of the very front row with his leg sticking out. So when I run of the stage through the aisle I dodged him falling, hitting my leg on the opposite chair. But I styled it out by pretending that I was meant to fall and doing a not so large and lifelike fall on the other side…haha!

After panto we were given our pay for the show. And Jamie pictured above was being payed the same as the main cast but asked if he could split his extra money between us 7 main dancers so that we all had the same! How kind of him was that. He said because we were all the same age coming in the same as him it made no sense. He said we deserved it! How nice! So we are all pitching in to buy him an iTunes voucher!

My phone also broke today, I’m not gonna go into how, but it was already smashed. But now you can’t use the screen and it has got coloured lines all across it. The screen has also slightly come out. My mum rang up videophone as I can upgrade from the 29th of December. They were all very helpful. And I managed to sort it out so that I will receive my new phone before Christmas. It should come by Thursday definitely. There is also a chance that I may get it tomorrow. I hope I do as it is so difficult living without a phone. I’m not going to say what phone or colour I chose because I want to save that for a later blog!

My mum, dad and I also worked hard turning out top floor box room into a princess castle for my sister and I to stay in over christmas. It looks so pretty with all the fairy lights and draping material. I will post a picture when I get my new phone. After collecting my sister from the christmas show she is in we decided to stay upstairs tonight as we loved it that much. It is like being on holiday in your own house!

Speak soon, hopefully with a new phone! Xxxx


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