Christmas/Winter Party Makeup Look

(Hello. I am just adding this in this blog post to say that I prepared and organised this video in November when I was planning blogmas posts. I waited until today to film and take pictures as I wanted my dressing table and I was going to post it yesterday but as you know there was a problem. And it is just a total coincidence that Zoella happened to post a festive makeup look with a red lip and golden eye! As I know some of my readers to watch and read Zoella’s posts I thought I would mention how embarrasing this is going to look. So I am just saying that I DID NOT copy her. I feel stupid just saying this but it was just a coincidence.)

As my dressing table is FINALLY here I can start posting makeup and hair looks. I know I could’ve posted it with my old dressing table but I just wanted everything to look just how I Imagined it.

Firstly I put my Mac prep+prime skin base visage all over my face avoiding my eye lids. I chose this primer as it has a shimmer effect to it leaving your face with slight sparkles all over it. And at christmas everyone loves sparkles.

IMG_8953 IMG_8949

I then put my eye primer on which is from MUA (make up academy ). It is their pro-base eye eye primer and is brilliant and leaves my eye shadow on all day! I love using both a mixture of high end and cheaper brands to experiment what I prefer to be higher quality or not. But MUA and natural collection are two of my favourite brands and they are one of the cheapest.  I put this about my eye lids and slightly onto my brow bone.


Then I used my Mac studio face and body foundation in the shade N1. I hadn’t really gone into a mac shop until much earlier this year. Mainly on how bad the staff are and in a situation like that with rude or disrespectful service puts me off the brand completely. So when I went in the actual shop for the 1st time I actually had a bad experience myself. There was none of my shade N1 left at the shop and the lady working there said she couldn’t find any so she went into one of the shops many drawers and pulled out a foundation and took it to the shop counter where she put it in a bag for me.

My mum and I payed and left and it wasn’t until I got it out to show my dad what I had brought that I realised it said N2 on the bottom. My mum took it straight back and there was no sign of the previous lady even though we had ran back and we were still in the market… luckily. Trying to make us not leave without spending. They said actually we have one right here. They went and found the N1 foundation in the biggest size bottle which is what I wanted and went on to explain how it had been on display. Without offering a discount we asked as to which they replied, why should we give you a discount if you came in here complaining!

Back on subject,oops… I used my limited edition bronzer which I got in Italy. I contoured under my cheekbones. Then I used this very old borjouis blush which I love and I use most days. But I was given a load of Mua makeup to use and there blush is really pigmented so if you wanted a brighter blush that is perfect.

IMG_8969 I then used my 2 MUA pallets. I used my undress me too and heaven and earth. Firstly I put Golden sand which is the top right of the black pallet, across my whole eye lid. Then I put devotion which is the second from the left at top of the white pallet around and above the inner corner of my eye and round to the middle of my bottom lash line.

Then I used Fiery from my naked basics 2 pallet by Urban Decay and put it in the crease of my eye. I then blended it all together with my models own blending brush.


Next I used my natural collection Black liquid eye liner and did a cat flick. But I changed it to just thick line as my cat flicks didn’t look right! So that is totally optional.


I then did my eyebrows using my seventeen brows that brow, brow set. I used the highlighter along my brow bone and filled in my eye brows with the brow shadow and wax.


The last thing I did was my lips. I used a no.7 marron liptick which i have had for ages. But I don’t know what it is called as the label has peeled off.


I got this  lipgloss as a christmas present from a girl at school. It is by studio london as you can see but again it doesn’t have a name. But it is just a red/dark pink colour which I wear over the dark red lipstick.

And that concludes my festive makeup party look!

See ya tomoz ! xx



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