My New Dressing Table!-Blogmas Day 15

10 day’s to go! And It finally Came!

I guess from he title of this blog it is clear that my new dressing table arrived! I had already put my makeup into separate boxes in order to transfer them from drawers to drawers quicker and easier!

In case you were wondering, I will be doing a make-up collection blog and maybe video but I want to make sure it is all perfect for when I decide to do that. This means I have all the containers and separators inside it. But I took some pictures of what is inside the drawers at the moment.

Obviously it is not perfect as this is only day ! and I have not yet measured my drawers to see what containers I need. With any money I get for my birthday and Christmas I may be getting some nice new ones. But for now I am just using what I was previously using. Mainly the red baskets from wilkinsons.



Here is what is in each drawer in this order!

eyes, samples and unopened things                                   lips

fragrance and creams (& brushes and wipes)              face and pallets

nail varnish and art                                                              hair

It may not stay like this but for now this is what it will be. In fact it will probably change by tomorrow. I am also very proud of my self because I love makeup. Like love it. And I may not really where it to school even though I am aloud. But I do really love it. And some of you may know that I used to have way more. I had like 10 mascaras on the go at once and 15 different foundations. Oh and about 100 lipsticks. So while changing tables I got rid of over half of my collection and kept only my most favourites. I could definitely throw away more but haven’t set my mind up for that.

As I am hoping for quite a bit of new makeup for christmas I will most likely re clear out my drawers some time then but for now I am going to stick to how it is.

See you tomorrow with another food blog!






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