First Day Of the Holidays!-Blogmas Day 14

I can’t believe christmas is so close! I have waited all year for December and its already almost gone. I think because I was thinking about it so much that now its here its kind of like I didn’t expect it…

I also think because my birthday and christmas are in 2 days of each other and I have wait so long for something to celebrate that I wish for it all year. I always think about if I was to get married I could have the ceremony on December 27th or Christmas Eve!

But finally, I am off for my Christmas Hols! Because my school is a private school we brake up earlier than most other state schools. But I am doing a panto at the theatre my school is based in so it doesn’t really feel much like a holiday when I go there. But I am having an amazing time doing all the shows.

Screen Shot 2015-12-10 at 20.04.58.png

I said I would find a picture of me dancing in it… so here it is! In this dance we are meant to be Melificents servants and Snot (in middle) is singing/wrapping( *rapping… I was trying to sneak in a Christmas joke) to Downtown and we all wear snapbacks. This is one of my favourite dances as we are playing characters that are far from us. Its great fun pretending to be a gangsta!

Anyway I have gone right of topic…

Today was my first day off with no school or shows. And today WAS going to be really exciting. I don’t think I said but on Saturday before singing outside Budgens I went to an antique shop and put a deposit on this 60-70’s style dressing table that I had been on the hunt for in what seems like ages! Earlier this year at like the end of January I went into this shop and saw it and was over the moon as it was still there. I was totally regretting not buying it before so when I saw it again in exactly the same spot I was over the moon.

As my parents were away at their annual Christmas dinner with their old university friends, my grandparents were with them. So we arranged to have it delivered on Monday i.e. today. So my dad and I went to the shop which is only down the road, to see what time they could bring it to ours and guess what. It. Was. Shut. At this point I had already put all my makeup into boxes and cleared room for it to go in to. I had put my dressing table into our bathroom where it originally was. Ugh. I wasted all my day and today’s blog was going to be all about it and I was all set up to take pictures of it etc. It so annoying and put me in a bad mood.

Hopefully it will be open tomorrow and I can actually have it in place. The only thing is, is that I have a show at 10 am tomorrow so I won’t be in all day. Pooey.

Nevermind. At least I had spagghetti bolognaise for dinner. #spagbolmakesitbetter #food #boohoo



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