Kaos Singing and Signing Choir-Blogmas Day 11

On 11th day of Blogmas I told you all about, My singing signing choir.

If you didn’t know, I am in a choir called Kaos. And It is for both deaf and hearing children. I have been in it since I was in year 2. I love it and have had so many cool opportunities.

I have sung at the Royal Albert Hall, On the main stage at the O2 where One direction have sung!!!! At the Royal Festival Hall and one of our biggest performances was when we sung and signed the national anthem at the Opening Ceremony Of the London 2012 Olympic Games.


I had a close up whoop whoop and even my friends in America snapped a pick of them in front of the t.v with me on it! Crazy huh! We weren’t allowed to tell anybody that we were in it until earlier in the day because the papers couldn’t find out. We used to get picked up in old double decker red buses which would take us to and from the stadium for rehearsals.

Here is the link to our website.

We have recorded at Abbey Road Studios twice, where its famously known for recording the Beatles hits along with many other singers.

Today we sung outside Budgens which isn’t quite the same as the O2 but it’s all to help raise money!

I thought this might be something interesting that you might want to join!

See ya later with another blog as i am a day behind… sorry !




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