Cute Little Present Ideas-Blogmas Day 10

On the 10th day of Christmas I wrapped up loads of gifts, some cute little presents.



I don’t know about you but me and my friends will always get little presents for each other. But I always struggle to find something to get them. I thought I would share what I have got them with you. My camera Is dead and I can’t find my charger so there are no photos but I will do my best to describe them and add pictures at a later date.

Basically I brought a large multipack of chocolate from boots and separated it into however many people I needed to buy for, which is the 6 other girls in my class and 3 other people in my school . I also did this too a pack of kinder chocolates. With these I left them un wrapped.

I again got 2 more packs and just separated them. I love doing this because it means you can choose who gets what and you will never forget a person as you can have extra’s depending on how many you are buying for. I brought a pack of lipgloss’s and a pack of nail varnish’s. I individually wrapped these which took forever but makes it that much more effective.

I then wrapped celophane around them and tied some string at either ends of it to make it look like a giant sweet. They all look really cool!

I don’t like buying one or 2 small gifts because I feel that I am not giving enough. But then when you buy gifts for lots of people it does become expensive and can get out of hand. And then just like that all your pocket money has gone and you still have family to buy for.

But wrapping it likes that shows that effort has been put into the gift which makes it way more special. Also by putting there favourite colour nail varnish or lipgloss with it, it also shows effort.

The other day we did secret santa at school and I’m not complaining I do like what I got but you can tell every other person put effort into there gift and had a story to why they were given it. Melissa (hey if you are reading) gave a boy in our class a giant pen as her always gets holding of for not having a pen because he “lost it”. So there is thought behind it.

I hope the girls all like there presents and are happy with there chocolate as I haven’t got a clue which one nobody likes!

I did also get slightly bigger presents for my 4 closest friends at school: Emily,Miriam,Tallulah and Erin!

But I’m not going to say what I got them as I don’t want to spoil the surprise



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