Panto,Wagamama’s and Crazy Kids-Blogmas Day 9

On the 9th day of blogmas I did my first 2 shows and a 6 year old squeezed my bum…

I didn’t have a blog planned for today so I have decided that instead of doing a normal blog I would do a diary post as today was funny…have you seen the song title!

Today I did my 1st 2 panto shows! If you didn’t know, I’m dancing in a production of ‘Sleeping Beauty’. I am doing shows until the 30th of November and I will be in every show unless something tragic happens and I can’t make it to the theatre.

The first show today went well and I was really happy with how it went. But the second show was a lot more crazy! Firstly the crowd. OMG they were mental! All shows this week have been sold out as schools are watching. Both shows today were the same school just different years.

Between shows I had some wagamama’s as I had brought 2 the day before and had one for dinner and one to heat up for lunch today. I then went outside to say goodbye and thank you for coming and merry christmas to the nice kids after the 1st show. They were all sweet and wanted a hug and to say that they loved it!

I was so touched by them all and ready for the next show.

The next show was meant to be more years from that school and also years 7,8&9 from my school which is only 25 approx people. But they all had to sit along the back as it was all sold out. The audience were so loud that some people got head aches and had too leave! It wasn’t like a good loud but whenever the ‘baddies’ would come on they would cheer etc. But being the professionals we are (…) we all carried on through.

At one point I have to run in the aisle and a few of us had out bums pinched by little 6&7 year olds! It was crazy! But hopefully that won’t happen again!

Screen Shot 2015-12-09 at 21.53.15


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