Decorating The Christmas Tree-Blogmas Day 8

On the 8th day of christmas we climbed under the stairs and decorated the christmas tree!

I’m so happy with how it looks this year. I wasn’t at first but as soon as I put loads of little red fake berries all over it, it looked great…well in my opinion anyway.

My mums cousins daughter who we just call our cousin was over and she is an amazing musician so we sung a few carols and christmas classics around the piano.

Obviously my decorating the christmas tree video will go up, hopefully by Saturday if not then definitely Sunday. But you can subscribe to me on youtube as thats where I post any videos to do with my blog.


This years there is a kind of theme of red white and gold but our classics had to go up too. I believe these 3 decorations are new to the tree scene and I love them!


Every year we buy a new decoration to put on the tree. This years one was pinnocio from Italy!

Here are some favourites of mine that are on this years tree.

ba bye!


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