Barnet Chrismas Fair-Blogmas Day 7

On the 7th day of blogmas i did 4 christmas shows and danced  through Barnet high street!

Sorry this post is late but I posted it but it kept failing when I went to view it so I had to delete both this blog and day 8.

But on Sunday it was Barnets Christmas Street Fair! I was an elf in Susi Earnshaw Theatre Schools christmas production of ‘Home For Christmas’.

It was about how the Grinch turned the signs around so instead of Dorothy going back home to Kanas she ended up in The North Pole! She meets so friends on the way and then santa helps them all get what they needed and Dorothy home.

It was only 30 minutes long but we had to do it 4 times! So it was alot of work!

Click here to watch a clip of the dance we did in the show

I didn’t take many pictures as I was obviously performing all day. But at least I got the video!

Sorry this post was 2 days lat but my laptop is being fixed!

H xx




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