Buying the Christmas Tree!-Blogmas day 6

On the 6th day of christmas, My mummy dad and me. One big christmas tree.

Today I had a mad day. I got our christmas tree, danced in a parade,did 4 shows and then went to an 18th birthday party and got home to watch the final of Im a Celeb! And here I am making a blog post now!


We buy a real Christmas tree every year and I am can’t imagine not getting one. I love walking into the house and being able to smell the tree! We always buy the tree from the same lovely lady outside the church hall at the end of my road.


After choosing a tree the lady was telling me about how here daughter was born on boxing day like me and how every girl there was named Holly!


As we only get it from the end of the road we were able to carry it home. I love this part at Christmas and the excitement of choosing the PERFECT TREE!


Speak soon H xx



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