Easy Christmas Card DIY’s!-Blogmas Day 5

On the 5th day of christmas me, LOOAAADDSSS OF CHRISTMAS CAAAAAAARDS! Went to centre parcs,chose my lush favs, had a winter pamper and brought a playmobil advent calendar!

Hey everyone! I have had such a jam packed day! I did rehearsals for the Sleeping Beauty panto which starts on Wednesday. After getting up 15 minutes before I was meant to leave, having no breakfast, I went and did 4 hours of dance!

This afternoon I did some christmasy shopping with mum. And then it was bed time! Today went so quickly and I’m dreading tomorrow! I will make a post on tomorrow as loads is going on. Including getting our christmas tree! But here are some great Christmas card DIY’s you may want to try! We got these plain brown cards and envelopes from Wilkinsons.

IMG_8795IMG_8796IMG_8794IMG_8806This is a lovely quick idea. Where you stick on ribbon like how you would wrap a present. I used ribbon with writing on but you can really just use any festive ribbon!IMG_8799IMG_8801For this one I used felt and some left over cobwebs from halloween! But you can use cotton wool as an alternative!IMG_8807IMG_8808Even though I hate chocolate, this one is by far my favourite! Using a glue gun I stuck the wrappers of some chocolates in various selection boxes. This takes a bit longer but as long as you have someone to each the chocolates for you this is perfect. What I did was get some selection boxes and asked my family to pass me there wrappers and I would stick them on straight away. Make sure there is no chocolate on them as it will start to make the card smell after a while.IMG_8818IMG_8823IMG_8817IMG_8829This next idea is to make stamps out of felt. At christmas (in the U.K, I’m not sure about the rest of the world) a new set of christmas stamps are released. Using a cool pair of scissors to make the criss cross kind of effect along the edge to give it a stamp effect, A class 1st 2nd etc. and a king or queen in the corner you are ready to go. I made one of the 3 kings (as above) and some snowmen and robins too.IMG_8821IMG_8822One of the simplest cards here. A piece of christmas ribbon across the middle of the card. It looks so effective but its so simply. Again I used my glue gun which is from tiger. I got this ribbon from a craft fair that happens annually at Ally Pally. It’s called the knitting and stiching show and is one of the palaces most busiest events!IMG_8832IMG_8830My last design is writing quotes or song titles on cards. These two above are quotes from elf with is one of my favourite christmas movies EVVVEEERR!IMG_8834IMG_8842IMG_8839IMG_8838

A special thanks to sharpie for helping me get through this card writing and designing time!

See you tomorrow with a VERY EXCITING BLOG!

Holly xxxx



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