Current Lush Favourites- Blogmas Day 3

On the 3rd day of Blogmas my readers asked me to, show them what my fav lush products are!

Merry 3rd of December everyone!

At the end of my last blog I mentioned a bit lush and a few of you asked me if I could do a lush favourites.

If you know me or have me on snapchat- hollyxstrawsonx you would know that I am obsessed with lush. You could get me one bath bomb and I would be complete!

So here is a VERY narrowed down lush favourites. My Top top 3 at the moment. I limit myself to only being aloud to go into lush every 5 weeks. Because whenever I go in I always spend way to much money! If you want a more in-depth lush tour comment below.


This is the five gold rings bubble bars which are now the 4 gold rings. I love the scent and whole fact they are 5 gold rings. But they do make your bath look like a bath of pee. So I always use a bath bomb with it.


I have never brought one of these “fun” soaps before. You can use them as shampoo or soap. I’m still not 100% sure I understand them but they are like play dough and smell great. But I used it for the first time right after taking this picture and loved it. I did attempt making santa but failed…


This is the comforter bubble bar. Gorgeous. Pink Bath. Great scent.


Hollyster X x x

Screen Shot 2015-12-03 at 21.39.11


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