Winter Pamper Essentials-Blogmas Day 2


Here are what I would say are the must have’s for the a winter pamper evening.


Firstly I use my Liz Earle Hot cloth cleanse and polish to remove any makeup I have on. It’s on the more expensive side but you only have one face in your life so if you are going to spend money on something, making sure you have healthy skin and a healthy face is okay. I have used and loved and repurchased this item many a time. I actually got these 2 free when I went to summer in the city this year. They were giving away a bag of there leaflets and samples and you got a 50ml bottle so I made my sister pick one up for me so I actually got 2. You don’t usually get them this small but because I got 2 it was perfect.


Next I use these nose strips which remove any blackheads from on your nose. You should do this at max 2-3 times a week. I only do this once every 2 weeks while my face is still young and I don’t get many blackheads.IMG_8750

Alternatively you can use these Boots tea tree peal off face masks. I love these as they are extremly moisturising. The only thing is they smell really weird and not much like tea tree at all. I do prefer these to the nose strips as it covers your whole face.


These 2 are my favourite face masks especially the mudd original mask because it can be used for at least 5 times before you run out. But if you choose to use the nose strips you should use one of these but if you do the peel off mask to remove blackheads then there isn’t really need for another face mask.


I then use these clinique repairer uplifting creams. I use the smaller pot (top) around my eyes and the larger pot (bottom) allonym cheekbones, under my nose and on my forehead.


I also had this Indian Pomelo Candle-Oliver Bonas which smells like our spices rack. It’s a lovely scent which I had repurchased so many times. If you need one nice present go to Oliver Bonas. We as a family always buy people one of there candles because you can get many sizes. This is the large one. My sister and I make each sacks of presents which we switch on christmas eve. We had gone into Oliver Bonas to buy a present for a friend  and I pointed out how much I liked it. I was rather, actually VERY surprised to open this last year. I think thats why I think of it as a christmas scent even though it isn’t. But if you leave this in your room for half an hour your room will smell delicious!

So this is my winter pamper essentials. To finish this of, have a nice warm bath with your favourite lush christmas bath bomb or bubble bar, mine being the golden wonder. If you want me to do a Lush Favourites/haul comment below!

See you tomorrow!

Hollyster X x x

Screen Shot 2015-12-03 at 21.39.11


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