An Act Of Kindness.

I know it’s a bit to late to be thinking about new year resolutions or to early for next years. But yo don’t need a reason to start something new or do something differently.

Last Thursday in our English class we had a debate. Firstly it was about how the story behind it has been lost. Then we debated over giving money to the homeless. Which I didn’t see anything against. So I on the for side heard the against teams views. They all brought up, What if they have knife? Or What if they aren’t actually homeless.

We argued that if you wanted to give money to people but you weren’t sure  or you were scared you could buy them food or tell them were the nearest shelter is and donate money there.

As part of my sisters NCS project they volunteered at a food bank. I am all about helping those that are less fortunate than us.

I don’t know if it is a coincidence or it has just been on my mind at the moment, but though the past week or so I have seen various “acts of kindness” .

Have you ever sat on the tube and someone walk along and place a packed of tissues with a note on top saying something along the lines of, “I’m a mum of 3 and I have no job. Buying these tissues with a small donation can help me buy food for my children…”

The other day I was on my own on the tube and this lady came and put the tissues and letter down.

I saw a man give her money for the tissues and that I have never seen happen before.

Then when coming out of the train station I saw a man giving someone some money. He gave him a handful of change and the man was so grateful. Obviously I don’t know the story and didn’t see the man before he was given money but he ran down to the platform.

Maybe he was going to the little kiosk to get a drink or snack or he needed money for a ticket.

After seeing these i started planning my blog I was going to be making!

I’m not sure what message I am trying to make but I hope it makes you think.

And I hope you are excited for my blogmas!!

1 DAY LEFT!!!!

H xoxo

ps.comment any blooms suggestions below!






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