Autumn Music Favourites.

This weekend I got my love for listening to music back again.

I’m not the sort of person who is always listening to music. I listen on the train in the mornings, but I listen to the same things everyday. I never really update my music and I don’t get time to listen to the radio to hear all the new tracks.

I used to love listening to music everyday and would always have music playing somewhere in the house.

On Saturday I spent all day downstairs clearing out what used to be me and my sisters play room. And while doing so I played capital through on the T.V. I was surprised at the fact I knew quite a lot of the songs and now I have update my playlist.

I am going to start doing monthly or seasonal favourites of music. So I thought I would share some of my fav tracks and music videos with you. Considering these songs will be on my iPhone for ages before I update  it again in a couple of years or so…

Here are my fav songs of the moment:

Sorry – Justin Bieber

Do it again – Pia Mia ft.Chris Brown, Tyga

Locked Away – R.City ft. Adam Levine (Fav )

Focus – Ariana Grande

Love Yourself – Justin Bieber (Fav)

Perfect – One Direction

Love Me Like You – Little Mix

There are loads more like One Directions new album Made in the A.M, (basically everything on that) and Justin Bieber – What do you mean. I really like Adele’s new songs too!

I also use these songs for my daily workout!

I’m “Sorry” for the lack of pictures in this blog. But you can’t really take pictures of songs.

But never the less, I hope you enjoyed this blog!

Have a listen to all the songs above. Click on the names of the songs to listen!

12 Day’s of Blogmas

Holly Xxxx




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