EXCITING NEWS-Blogmas, Panto, Vlogs?


So This Christmas I will be posting a new blog post every other day and making a video on my youtube channel almost every other day so hopefully it will go: video blog video blog.

Some of these blogs may be like, what I did that day. I will vlog the interesting days and will include that in a blog.

I will start on the 2nd of December as on the first I will make a video to post on the 2nd. So only 9 days! Also, the picture above wasn’t photoshopped there was genuinely a number 9 in the trees.

So some videos may have corresponding blogs and some blogs may have video’s included.

If you didn’t know. I go to a theatre school, this means I do dance,acting and singing every Monday and Friday. So as a school which is based in a theatre, I am participating in a panto called “Home For Christmas”.

Screen Shot 2015-11-23 at 20.53.54.png

“When Dorothy is sent home from Oz things dont go to plan. The Grinch has changed the signs around and she ends up at the North Pole. Here she is greeted by elves who tell her Santa will help her to get home for Christmas. On her journey to Santa’s Grotto she meets characters that also need Santa’s help. Lots of songs and dances and great characters. All children can go on stage with the characters at the end of the show and families can take photos. Suitable for all ages. Running time approximately 30 minutes.”

It is on the 6th of December and we are doing 4 shows on ONLY that day!

But I am also going to be dancing in a pants of Sleeping Beauty. Which will be running from the 8th-30th of December.

You can buy tickets for these here.

I hope you are excited!

Holly x




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