When should we begin to decorate?

It’s your favourite christmas loving chum here today.

And yes I have got my christmas tree up. I have had mixed reviews on this, but just read my last blog to see me back up my answer to why its okay.

So I have actually only got a tree in my bedroom up and no other christmasy stuff. When do you all decorate your house? And if you don’t celebrate or decorate your house for Christmas then when do you think is a good date?

We, as a family usually go and get our large REAL christmas tree from outside the church at the end of my road, on the weekend around the 15th. So I think, I can’t really remember, we got it on Saturday the 17th.

But obviously I will be doing a christmas house tour and another decorating the tree blog and maybe even a video when it comes to decorating it.

But here are some hopefully decorating pics !!!!!

(Any pictures on here were taken either last year or even the year before. So don’t panic. I’ve not decked out his much…yet.)


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