Primark, Lush and Zara Haul

So Today was a really fun day as me and my mum got up early to go into town to go christmas present shopping. We went to Tottenham court road station and walked along starting in Primark. It was spitting with rain at this point. And we brought lots and lots of presents. But while in a few shops I may have accidentally brought a few things!

So here are the things I got for myself. We did buy more than this but obviously I’m not going to show what we brought people as it should stay a surprise.

 IMG_8166 (1)   IMG_8169 (1)

In Primark I wasn’t looking for anything in particular as we were meant to be shopping for other people. I just kind of picked up things I liked as I went round. So firstly I got some black tights for school. Some lion kind socks as I though they were fun. And some leg warmers to wear in ballet as the days get colder. Then I got a Copper hair brush and travel mug for my tea I have on the train in the morning. And I actually got the copper dish for £2 from tiger. But I wanted to keep all the copper things together. Would you have ever guessed that something copper would slip into this haul…

IMG_8170   IMG_8171

I also got 200 fairy lights to either go around my room or on my christmas tree along with the decorations I got back in October. I also got a keyring of a ball of fluff just because everyone has them and I wanted to be involved! Haha! I got a packet of make-up sponges and some eyeliner, which I am probably gonna end up giving to my mum for christmas because she said she wanted some cheap eyeliner.

 IMG_8182  IMG_8181  IMG_8179

More disney! I swear overtime I go into primark I end up getting some disney themed clothes. And they were copper! And they had tinker bell on them! In the middle is actually my first ever christmas jumper. And being the christmas nerd I am that will probably come as a surprise.


At £10 and the most expensive thing I purchase at Primark I got this long-sleeved dress, I’m hoping to wear this on christmas day too.


We next went to Matalan where I got this scarf/poncho thing. It was £15 and I love it. When i get the train to school I usually where my big coat but it gets quite hot and then I have to carry it around with me everywhere I go. But this would be perfect as it will keep me warm but it’s also light. Also after school it’s a lot warmer so I don’t were my big coat over my blazer, but this will be perfect.


Next up I went into Zara and brought this gorgeous black tote bag! I’m going to be using it for school! It’s my favourite purchase of today.

We went in to many other shops but I didn’t buy anything for myself. The last shop that I brought something from was lush.

IMG_8173  IMG_8172

At this point usually I would’ve brought loads of bath bombs. But I told myself I could buy only 2 things as I have lads if bath bombs already. So i got the 5 gold rings  bubble bars. Unfortunately one broke on the journey back so it’s not 4 gold rings… But  I brought my first fun play dough style soap. You can use it as a bubble bath, shower gel or shampoo! You mould it into a shape and break bits of. I got the santa one!

And tha finishes of this haul. I hope you enjoyed!

New blog tomorrow on fireworks night!!!

Have a nice evening, whatever you are doing. If you are going out or just sitting at home watching a move then I hope you ar happy!

Hollyster xxx


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