Christmas Lights and Sprout Tree!

So one day of my half term we went in London Town to look at the christmas lights and decorations. But before we started I scratched the fact I lived in London and took a really touristy picture…


We went to John Lewis as they had there Christmas stock in! I also wanted a crepé but there café has stopped selling them! That’s one of the only reasons I would got there to be honest! Haha!


There was also a brussel sprout tree! And a giant stocking…Not sure why you would buy this so I took a picture with it instead:


We went out to eat and headed to harrods!
It was beautiful inside and outside the shop! Again I didn’t buy anything but it was lovely to look around!


Also sorry for the blurry pics. Didnt take my camera, only used my broken phone haha!

If you have seen any cool christmas lights comment where they were below!

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Holly xxx



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