Halloween Decor!

Happy Belated Halloween!

I’m a bit late with this one. I had decorated my house about 4 days before halloween. But since then I had a party on Halloween. Had a day with my mum on Sunday. Ballet after school yesterday. And it was my school’s open evening today. And before halloween my laptop was taken in to apple because it so full of photos that it wasn’t even able to turn on, haha!

But better later than never!

Halloween to me marks the fact that I can now officially get excited for christmas!

Not that I wasn’t already…

But for now, here’s how and what I used to decorate my house halloween style.


This Pop Up Pumpkin was a set of 3 from Sainsbury’s.


The Trick or Treaters bowl which has “Happy Halloween” written around it, was from Sainsbury’s too.

IMG_8137  IMG_8139

Our Piano and stool was covered in fake cobwebs and my Witch, which I’ve had for ages sat at the edge.

IMG_8143  IMG_8145

IMG_8147   IMG_8149

The bunting was also from Sainsbury’s and the skull has teeth you can pull out.


The Black and white bunting was from Wilkinsons.

IMG_8153  IMG_8155

My pumpkins and Squashes looked really nice when they were altogether.

So this was some of the halloween things I had pottered around the house. In a little bit, be ready for some christmasy house decor !!!

Thanks a lot for reading. Check out all my recent blogs and be read for some more!!!

H xxx


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