Surprise Party and Autumn Walks

Happy Half Term!

It’s finally half term and I feel like autumn is officially here!

This Saturday my family and I headed over to Norwich to celebrate a friends 50th birthday! It was a surprise and she had no clue it was happening.

We stayed in a beautiful hotel where the party was happening. Not everyone stayed but as it was 2 hours from where we lived it would’ve been stupid to not stay. After spending the morning in the town buying stuff including my new winter coat which you will see soon we went to our hotel.

   IMG_7758     IMG_7760

The party room was all red black and white as she loves Manchester United.


In case you were wondering, I wore a mid length dress from Boohoo. It was like £8 and really didn’t seem like it would be so cheap. I also put my hair in 50 or so plaits in the morning after I had washed it while it was still wet and took them out just before the party to create the big curly effect. My shoes were £4 pounds from primark and they are black quilted pumps. I didn’t take my phone or a bag because I could come back to my room anytime I needed too. So altogether this outfit was £12 and if I say so myself it worked fine. I also took my canon camera which I do take most places.

The party was great. Once the birthday girl arrived and the speeches were over, the buffet opened! It was delicious.

The night was long and the party was even longer. The Dj did a great job of making sure there was a mixture of song that all ages would know.

And at around 10pm there was an amazing fireworks display which covered a vast amount of the sky!


Taking picture of the fireworks was hard as I have never tried it before but here are some attempts. I took the picture above using my moving light setting.


We had a lovely time and was so nice too see some old friends.

The next morning after we had all eaten the 4 family’s from the party group that stayed over went for a walk (our family included). We went for a stroll through the hotel grounds to find s field of turkeys… yes turkeys.

1000’s of them.

IMG_8038  IMG_7986

IMG_7961  IMG_8001

There were so many it was unbelievable!

After gazing at the turkeys, which are likely end up on our table on December 25th, we walked round to look at the autumn scenery.


It was gorgeous.


Hope you enjoyed reading about my weekend in Norwich. After this we went to Yorkshire to visit more friends. We went on a long walk up a mountain! If you want to find out about that I will do a post on it.

Also I can now confirm my instagram for this account is called:



Hollysterxxx – Is my account


developthosenegatives – is this accounts.

See you soon and Enjoy your half term!!!!



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