It’s Beginning to look a lot like Christmas!!!

OMG its October!!

It only feels like yesterday we were all singing carols!

Today is 82 sleeps till CHRISTMAS!

You maybe thinking I’m crazy (thats because I probably am…) but I love this time of the year!

My birthday is Boxing day, hence why I am called Holly! And i was born at 1:51am so mum was in labour with me on Christmas day! Sorry mum! So I have 2 reasons to love this time of year! It feels like one big celebration.

Many people ask me what it’s like to be born the day after Christmas. And I simply reply, whats it like to be born on your birthday. Really you know no difference. So I don’t really know what a normal Boxing day feels like. I asked my friends what they do. Some spend the day having a second Christmas with the grandparents. y friends with divorced parents spend it with there of parent. Some of my friends go in to town shopping. Some just lounge around at home, playing with there presents from the day before.

Another frequent question that i get asked is, do i get double present? And yes I do. I get separate presents on my birthday than on christmas because it is still my special day. But some times I will ask for one big present. Like last year I asked for a macbook but as they are a LOT of money I said I would rather have just a macbook than 2 smaller presents.I would never expect my parents to spend that much money on me then get me a birthday present to. So last year i got a 13” macbook air from my parents and my grandparents for christmas and also as a part of my birthday present. I also got bits and bobs from them too so I had something to unwrap.


This year I haven’t got a clue what i want. I would like to have one of those swegway things but i feel ike they are gonna be out of fashion soon. I think I am gonna ask for some new camera lights and flashes. And for my birthday I would like some make up.

I might ask Santa for that though…

I know its only October but you have to think ahead if you expect to get all of these things!

My dad told me that he gets just as excited as I do but he will not get excited until after November 5th.

I think I can start buying presents after Halloween. But I may have brought some bits today…

Check out my next Blog for that.

If you have questions about my birthday or if you are just as excited for this season as I am. Please comment below so my dad won’t worry about my obsession!

Thanks for reading!!!!!!

H xxxx


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