Christmas Haul In October?

Yes, is the answer. Yes.

So if you haven’t seen my previous blog you wouldn’t know that I have a slight obsession with the autumn-winter season.

And today on the 4th of October my mum and I went down to the garden centre and I got carried away with the fact that the Christmas decorations were out. Mum told me to get £5 worth of decorations but I ended up getting a bit more. Not too much but a jolly good start.

So in our house, with have a big REAL christmas tree in our living room where all our presents go. And we decorate the tree with mish mash ornaments. Ones that we have collected over the years. But that just gives me anxiety as they don’t all match! So in my bedroom I have a small fake tree where I put presents for other people like school friends, waiting until I hand them over. And I have decided to colour theme it this year. If you are at all interested, We went to the Sunshine Garden centre to get all these decorations. I’m just gonna let you guess what colour it is…




This is my favourite decoration I got! Its copper! and that is my favourite colour at the moment. It was 3.99 i believe and I am going to be putting it on my tree in my room.

Next I got this tube of 10 copper baubles. I brought it because it was only 3.99 for 10 and it quickly brings your collection u. I really liked the glittery ones especially.


This decoration is a glittery snowflakes! And it was the cheapest here at only 99p which I loved but I only got one because there  are so many old decorations I want to use too.


I also picked up the copper candle to put on my dressing table as its copper themed. It’s not scented but I will be waiting for christmas to start burning it.


I also got this giant christmas cracker. Because on my birthday this is gonna be a prize for something that i will talk about soon!


We also brought our christmas crackers! we usually make them with our own gifts but as we got in there early we got to buy thoes with good prizes which also make them a bit more expensive. But yesterday I was looking at the fortnum and mason crackers and 6 were £1000!!! Sooooooooooo.


The last thing I got today was these beads because I’m going to be using them all year round on my bed after they have been on my tree. I already have lights for the tree in my room but these are the thing that completes it.

So thats all the christmasy things I brought today. Its kind of bad now though because all i want to do is put them up! But guys. You all know the feeling when you are choosing crackers at john lewis or somewhere and all that are left are those wacky one with the paper clips as prizes. So get out now and buy your decorations while you still have a selection to choose from.

Check out my last blog to find out more about my christmas obsession!!!!!!

See ya soon

Hollyster xxxx


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