Italy 2015

Hey Y’all

This blog was meant to be about my Tottenham v Arsenal experience. But as we lost it was bit of a delicate story for my liking, haha.

Basically my laptop automatically updated to a new photos system, but as it did so it deleted all my photos that I had ever taken. So in a panic I downloaded any pictures on flickr etc. but didn’t get them all back.

So I rang up apple and they sorted it out for me and got all my pictures back.

As I was looking through my picture I saw my pictures I took in Italy this holiday. So heres some pictures I took:

IMG_6518    IMG_6472 IMG_6467   IMG_6396  IMG_6290   IMG_6147

IMG_6092   IMG_6360


If you wanna see more go and watch my video about it here:



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