Hey… So I’m sick.

If you read yesterdays blog you would know that I had a cold and last night It really badly hurt my chest when I breathed in. So today i’m staying of school today.

Thanks to for the get better soon wishes you have given me 🙂

But thats not what this blog is about.

So as I realised that I won’t be going on holiday for ages I though I would tell you about where I have been this year. If you didn’t know this years summer holiday I went to Italy for 2 weeks. But as my summer was 8 weeks there was lots of time to spare. So my family and 3 other families always go camping together 2 to 3 times a year so on the bank holiday weekend we all went to the same camp site that we go to every time but we still love there. The campsite is by a lovely seaside town called Folkestone. The place where we camp is right next to the see on the cliff edge and on a clear day you can see France. We camp so close to France that all our phones say welcome to France whenever we go there!

We all love it there so here some pictures I took the last 2 times we went. Enjoy!

IMG_5509 IMG_5497  IMG_5439 IMG_5385 IMG_5382 IMG_5369 IMG_5368 IMG_5355  IMG_5307 IMG_5299


See ya soon!!!

H xxx


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