Rugby World Cup Day 1


Today I had such an amazing day, so good I thought I wood share it with you.

Apart from my horrible cold which has decided to haunt me this autumn weekend I have felt great. So If you didnt read my last blog you wouldn’t know that i currently have some of my american friends over for the weekend. And it happened that today was one of there 22nd birthday’s! And it was also her first time ever in London! So we chose to take them all to a nice breakfast cafe called ‘Banners’


Then we took them on a red London bus to a underground station to get the train to Camden where we went into Cyberdog and let the birthday girl have the proper camden experience. If you don’t know what Cyberdog is, it’s a very loud shop that sells very bright glow in the dark clothing.


After that we went into a pub to have a drink and watch the U.S.A rugby match and the Tottenham-Crystal Palace game. After that we headed to Wembley to watch the All Blacks-Argentina Rugby game as part of the 2015 world cup!


Unfortunately our seat weren’t next to our friends but we still rocked the All Blacks merch as one of our friends is from New Zealand!


And we won!!!!!!! (Also they did the best hacker ever, haha!)


We came home to Coffee cake! If you want me to tell you how I made it please leave a comment!

I also got to wear my christmas present!


As part of my Christmas present my mum and dad got me some new uggs as i had grew out of my old ones. so we got our friends to bring them over from America as it is soooooo much cheaper!

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Love Holly



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