London Zoo

Hi Again,

As you can tell from the title this blog, Me and my dad went to London Zoo for the day.

I love it there and think I have been there around 20 times in my life time. I used to have a membership card but as I got older and me being the youngest child we tended not to go as often.


At London Zoo they have an area where you walk in with the monkeys. Monkeys are my favourite animals so this is an amazing part. The monkeys come very close to you. One jumped onto the bag my dad was holding and took out the empty packet of popcorn (to confirm there was NO popcorn in the packet and they just tore it up and left shredding everywhere! ) As I had just eaten a packet before we went it we assumed that it was my packet but as we walked out towards the shop at the end i found mine in my pocket! It was dads packet they had eaten after all that! I really was amazed at the monkeys. And I am especially pleased at this photograph.


There is also a butterfly house at the zoo. Which is a giant blow up caterpillar! You can also walk through that, the butterflies can land on you and at the other end are mirrors where you have to check that there is not butterflies on you before you leave! When i was younger butterflies where my favourite animal or “insect”. I had a butterfly cutter and i used to cut my sandwich’s!


In this particular picture, it’s not actually a butterfly its a moth! The lady there was telling us about it. It has no mouth. So it eats all its food as a caterpillar thingy, and then when it turns into a moth it lives for around a week. and it was around the size of my head! I thought that was pretty cool to be honest!

Here are some Other of my fav pics:







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