Pet Passion

Hey Everyone,

Today l wanted to tell you about my pets.

I have three cats and loads of tropical fish (which are all swordtails apart from one trot and one weathering loach). My cats names are Charcoal, Tessie and Angelo. Charcoal is the mother and Angelo and Tessie were her only kittens. We had all agreed that if Charcoal had kittens, we would keep one and sell the rest but as she only had 2 we decided it was wrong to choose one over the other!


We took Charcoal to the vet to see if she was pregnant but they said no so we booked for our holiday but she was and she had 2 kittens while we were away. When we got back we couldn’t find Charcoal anywhere, so at around 6:30 one morning, I was the only one up so i went on a mission to find her. And when i heard purring i woke dad and mum up to help me move boxes to then find Charcoal inside a moving box with one tabby and one black cat! I had said to my parent while we were moving “I bet there’s kittens in there!”


I was over the moon for Charcoal! And me and my older sister Maddy picked up one kitten and named them. I named mine Tessie (the tabby one) after my mums cat that she had as a child and Maddy named hers Angelica ( the black one ) after… Something I dunno why she called her that! But it turned out Angelica was a boy so she changed it to Angelo! I remember that I started to cry when I saw charcoal carry her kittens by her mouth over to my parents wardrobe where she placed them on my mum’s shoes.


Obviously cats don’t have hands but it just looked like she was hurting them even though she wasn’t. We think they were born around the 6-7th of August because there eyes were open when we found them!


Tessie and Angelo are no longer kittens though!

I do love them though, they are my bestest friends and there treats are probably the only reason that they love me!

H  xxx


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